Edster Global Pte. Ltd. (Edster) is a continuing professional development organization registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Republic of Singapore. They have their offices in Singapore, Philippines and Maldives with operations spread in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Edster was founded with an ultimate aim of offering complete solutions in business, economic and social areas in the South Asia region. Maximising on the skills of our associates who are endowed with the ability to deploy best practices and provide new insights, which they deeply share and provide results in the workplace, we put forth the primacy of our philosophy that is to faithfully and carefully craft and create solutions that are responsive to the needs of learners, leaders, organisations and communities and will strive to achieve optimal results through qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Mission20 Knowledge has partnered with Edster Global as its Premium Global Partner to provide the wide range of corporate/professional/personal training in the form of workshops & seminars in the Middle East and Indian region along with a daily dose of knowledge online.